Welcome to SkyCall Satellite!

  Here at SkyCall Satellite, we’ve got you covered.  We rent Iridium satellite phones, InReach two/way text and tracking devices, and satellite internet units. We also rent river and camping equipment.

Skycall is based in Salt Lake City, UT but we ship all over the United States.  If you live in Mississippi and are going to Alaska we can ship to you directly or to wherever you are going.

Skycall has been renting satellite phones for 10+ years.


The ultimate fishing platform

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Looking around on Facebook I came across a post showing this awesome inflatable fishing and tent platform. I couldn’t really find a site that had it for sale but here are a few... READ MORE

Adventure to the Grand Tetons

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A few years ago Andy Monson, IT Director for a top construction dealership in Utah, went with his son on a Boy Scout adventure to the Grand Tetons.  Andy has rented from Skycall... READ MORE

Bear River Lodge

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If you haven’t ever been to Bear River Lodge, well…you just need to go. Whether you’re looking for a romantic vacation getaway in our luxurious lodgepole pine cabins or a memorable family reunion... READ MORE