Like lightning it has come and gone.  The Utah State Parks Road Trip was a success.  I don’t know if any of us got more than 6 hours of sleep.  Pictures will be coming soon.

“Starting at noon on Thursday, May 12, from Antelope Island State Park, a group of six people will pile into an RV and drive approximately 2,200 miles visiting all 43 state parks and returning back to Antelope Island on Sunday, May 15.

“The idea of the Road Trip is to showcase the importance, beauty and diversity of Utah’s state park system and rally Utahns to come out and support their favorite state parks, and state parks in their communities,” said Barbara Riddle.

Barbara Riddle, Chris Dallin, Tim Hughes, Russ Smith, Bill Francis and Vaughn Jacobsen will share close quarters in an RV as they visit the parks. The trip is funded privately and through in-kind donations: RV provided by All Access Recreation Club, cash from Chevron, promotion by KSL Radio, satellite communication by Skycall Communications and videography by The Imagination Company. During and after the trip, the Road Trippers will blog, and share video and photos through updates on their website at

“We challenge every Utahn to visit a state park this year, if we can do all 43 parks in three days, you can visit one,” said Russ Smith with Skycall Communications.”

Click Utah State Parks Road Trip to read more about our trip.

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